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Honeymoon in the Caribbean

White sand, crystal blue sea, paradisiacal beaches and tranquility are characteristics that the entire Caribbean boasts with mastery. These unique characteristics of the Caribbean have everything to do with the special moment that is the Honeymoon; an intimate, special and much awaited moment for every couple.

Now that we know that the Caribbean is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon days, there is a challenge! Choose between the destination that best suits the couple, the best hotel, the best turs, and more, among all the wonderful options that the Caribbean offers. This challenge requires a lot of knowledge and experience to really meet the expectations of each couple. 

We have a team that understands and knows all the hotels in the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, such as Cancun, Punta Cana, Tulum, and that has had incredible experiences there and can help and provide you with real tips on how your Honeymoon can be amazing in such a heavenly place.



Meeting with Cheers Travel

Time to start planning the honeymoon! At this moment, the destination is chosen! Cancun, Punta Cana or Curaçao ... Of course, we’ll be always seeking to meet the expectations of each couple.

At this moment we also understand the profile of the couple, whether they are looking for a trip with more activities or a relax type of trip. This first conversation is very importante as it will guide the next choices.



Choice of the Hotel

After the first meeting, where the destination was chosen and the couple's profile was understood, it is time to choose the hotel.

We take some points into consideration:

• The hotel must meet all expectations of the bride and groom regarding the rates and the structure of the hotel as a whole;

• The location of the hotel needs to please the couple, for example, a hotel close to busier places or hotels closer to nature;

• The room structure is one of the main points on the Honeymoon, so the hotel needs to have rooms that matches with the couple's profile, with bathtub, jacuzzi, sea view ...

• For the Honeymoon we can work with adult only hotels, it is a good option for the couples.




Room Reservation

Now, the time has come to actually book the room at the chosen hotel.

We do all the reservation part of the room directly with the hotel, without any intermediary.

We help the couples with the airline tickets as well and we are able to assist with connections and stops at different locations.

Leading to a trip more and more personalized!!



Advance Reservations

Our team will make all reservations for tours, night outings or any activity that the couple wants to include on the Honeymoon itinerary



Transfer and Travel Insurance

At this time, we’ll assist the couples with the reservation of the transfer from the airport to the hotel at the chosen destination and the transfers for the chosen tours.

And we also assist in Travel Insurance, we issue insurance in the ideal coverage for the couple to have a safe trip.



Common questions

The prices varies greatly depending on the choices of each couple! In the case of the Honeymoon, it will vary according to the chosen hotel, the tours, how many days of accommodation and others.

We always recommend the couples to stay 7 days at the destination to enjoy the hotel and be able to do all the tours they are planning.

Yes! We assist on the choice of hotels, tours and help throughout the itinerary. As we know many hotels and have had great experiences in the Caribbean, we have a lot of valuable tips for you!



Sofia & Alessandro

I have no words to explain what our week was like. The incredible team is always willing and present at all times, we were just concerned with enjoying the party. All of our guests were delighted…


Flávio & Leandro

It was magical to feel that energy and feeling that was created in the group. We had the support of Thairine and Adriana. They were incredible. From the moment of arrival, assisting the guests, in our luau and wedding…


Marina & Lucas

...To be able to plan and organize the whole wedding, we researched and found Cheers Travel, a company that provides all the advice in Brazil and helps with the preparation of the ceremony, party and the organization of the guests’ trip…


Emili & Fabiano

Guys, we are leaving the hotel now (I mean PARADISE), it was a magical week, it exceeded all our expectations, the team that was with us is simply charismatic, helpful, and helped us a lot these days.

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