Destination Wedding

We take care of all the stages of your Destination Wedding, from the big decisions to the smallest details.

 What is Destination Wedding?

Destination Wedding is nothing more than the simple fact that a couple chooses to marry outside their city or country. The trend started here in Brazil not a long ago. The couples wanted the wedding to last more than one night, to have several days of parties, with different activities and intense celebration. 

Cheers Travel specialized in weddings in the Caribbean. We believe that Destination Wedding can be more than a wedding but an experience.


Destination Wedding

Wedding Advisory Meeting

Time to start planning your dream! The first meeting is very important, as we will talk about all the planning steps and the first details will be chosen.

It is at this moment that the destination is chosen! If the Destination Wedding will be in Cancun, Punta Cana or Curaçao ... We will be always seeking to meet the expectations of each couple.


Choice of the Hotel

After the first meeting that all the points of the planning were discussed and the destination was chosen, it is time to choose the hotel.

When choosing the hotel, we take some points into consideration (as it has to be based on the structure the hotel offers to attend events)

• Hotel location

• Locations where the hotel performs weddings. (Gazebos or rooftops, for example)

• Hotel’s Plan B structure for weddings.

• Hotel category and rates within the profile of the guests



Choice of the Wedding Date

Once the hotel has been defined, we need to know if the dates desired are available.

Then we make a reservation and a prepayment of the date - from U$500 to U$1000 (this amount is later reversed into items for the wedding).

The great purpose of the Destination Wedding is to have different experiences before and after the wedding with your guests, so in order to prevent the risk of the hotel not having available rooms, we will signal the number of rooms that will be used - from U$100 to U$200 per room. (This amount will also be reversed later on items for the wedding or accomodation of the bride and groom)



Room Block and Wedding Reservation

Now, the time has come to really reserve the places chosen by the couple for the ceremony, cocktail and dinner/party.

If the couple chose all the moments on the beach, we will reserve all the moments on the beach at the hotel that was chosen by the couple. This is a very important step, because nobody wants to give up that ceremony on the sand or that beautiful party on a rooftop overlooking the sea, right?!

And we also block rooms, which is nothing more than blocking a number of apartments for the couple's guests to use. The number of blocked rooms will vary according to the number of guests, but we always recommend blocking at least 10 rooms in the beginning.

As we mentioned, in the Date Reservation step, each apartment will cost between U$100 and U$200 to block (This amount is later reverted to items for the wedding or accommodation of the bride and groom). The apartments are blocked in the period that the bride and groom stipulate.



Sending the Save the Date

Date set and everything booked, now we will choose the style of Save the Date that will be sent to the guests. We will help with quotes, layout and different ideas. Whether is digital or printed, it is very important to notify your guests that a Destination Wedding is going to happen!


Cheers Travel in contact with your guests

Our team will contact all guests by phone to explain about the event/trip.

We’ll send an email with the travel schedule for the wedding. We’ll advise and help with all doubts about the trip and ceremony.

Your guests will also have an advisory for them =)



Meeting with the Wedding Planning Team 

At this moment, our Wedding Planning team comes into action! Each couple has a Wedding Planner totally specialized in Destination Wedding in the Caribbean that will decide all the details together with the couple.

From the decoration items to the gifts that can be delivered to the bridal party and guests. The day by day schedule, the wedding day, time of the ceremony, cocktail, dinner/party and all the others details as well.

The Wedding Planner is the best friend of couple!


Advance Reservations

Our Wedding Planner team is in charge of making makeup and hair reservations in advance for all the guests who request them, avoiding the lack of availability of services on the wedding day.

Just like the Travel Planner takes care of booking tours and night outings.



The decor is one of the most exciting parts of the whole process. With our know-how we will help you to understand where each item of decoration chosen for your wedding will be, reducing the fear that all brides have of not knowing the hotel yet.

• Flowers

• Bride's bouquet

• Ceremony and dinner chairs

• Flowers for the ceremony

• Arrangements

• Flashlights

• Candles

• Cocktail lounge

• Sousplat

• Tablecloth

• Napkin



Photo & Video

On this step, we’ll help the bride and groom to understand how the photo and video service offered by the hotel works. Also, explain the costs to hire local suppliers and the advantage of taking this service from your city!



• We advise on the choice of the ceremonialist

• We set up the complete ceremony schedule

• Organization of the bridal party: entry of the groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, bride, groom and others.

• Set the amount of songs

• Ceremony time

• Post ceremony photos




We advise on the choice of the cocktail menu, with the hors d’oeuvred and drinks.




• Choice of menu

• Dinner presentation: buffet or plated

• Reception of guests

• Sectorization of tables

• Music for the bride and groom’s entrance

• Toast and cake cut

• Thank you speech

• DJ – Choice of the songs that will play during dinner.




There are two ways to keep celebrating this very important date.

Inside the hotel:

Night Club offered to all guests. Usually until 1am.

Outside the hotel:

We indicate the local nightclub and / or party that we believe best suits the guests. In Cancun and Punta Cana, we suggest Cocobongo.



Common questions

We always like to point out that unlike a wedding in your city, that will have hours of party, by doing a Destination Wedding you will have party for days! You will be able to enjoy the destination with your guests for many days and in many situations, like meeting at the pools or at the hotel's nightclub, which can become a celebration. Destination Wedding is not just a wedding, but an experience!

Everything will depend on the choices of each couple! We are not able to have a correct estimate because the values ??varies by destination, hotel, decoration items, menu and all the other details. But we always work with the pre-established budget for each couple, as we indicate good suppliers that can always adjust the values ??to everyone's pocket!

Yeah! We have a team of Weddings Planners that accompany all the Pre Destination stages with each couple individually, such as choosing the gifts of the bridal party and guests, choosing the dress, music of the ceremony, all these details that are very important. And we have a team that accompanies all the guests of each couple, helping with accommodation, airflights and any questions that the guest may have! This is our great differential, we always accompany all couples in the chosen destination and on their wedding day! Monitoring everything closely, makes all the difference!

We always hope that no unforeseen event prevents the wedding from being held! But if it happens, we always give full support to the couples and take charge of all negotiations with suppliers and even with the guests so that everyone is communicated in the best way!

Usually the bride and groom pay for their accommodation, airflight and all the part of the ceremony and reception. And each guest bears their own accommodation, airflight and tours. But this is not a rule, each couple can choose and customize the costs!

Yes! We have a specialized team to serve all the guests of our couples. Our team assists in the purchase of accommodation, airline tickets, general doubts about the destination and doubts about the Wedding, as well.

The ceremony on the Destination Wedding is only symbolic, has no legal validity. So if you intend to have all the wedding documentation you need to legally marry in your city!

All hotels offer a celebrant from the region who performs the ceremony in the local language, but we have a tip: Invite a special person to perform the ceremony, a friend, family member who knows the history of the couple and who can hold the celebration fully focused on your story. The invited person will be very happy with the invitation and will feel very special.



Sofia & Alessandro

I have no words to explain what our week was like. The incredible team is always willing and present at all times, we were just concerned with enjoying the party. All of our guests were delighted…


Flávio & Leandro

It was magical to feel that energy and feeling that was created in the group. We had the support of Thairine and Adriana. They were incredible. From the moment of arrival, assisting the guests, in our luau and wedding…


Marina & Lucas

...To be able to plan and organize the whole wedding, we researched and found Cheers Travel, a company that provides all the advice in Brazil and helps with the preparation of the ceremony, party and the organization of the guests’ trip…


Emili & Fabiano

Guys, we are leaving the hotel now (I mean PARADISE), it was a magical week, it exceeded all our expectations, the team that was with us is simply charismatic, helpful, and helped us a lot these days.

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