Elopement Wedding

We take care of all the stages of your Elopement Wedding, from the big decisions to the smallest details.

What is Elopement Wedding?

The term ‘Elopement’ has been used colloquially for weddings that happen suddenly and usually without family, friends or with very few guests. But if we were to translate this term into Portuguese, we could say that Elopement Wedding is a wedding for two.

And yes, you can have a wedding for two in the Caribbean too!! In fact, Elopement Weddings are much more common in the Destination Wedding format; that is, many couples are looking for a cool destination that meets all their expectations to perform the ceremony, visit the place and enjoy incredible days together.

Not to mention that Elopement Wedding goes far beyond the practicality of a wedding for two; it is a moment of intimacy, intensity and enormous meaning for each couple who choose to live this experience.

Saying yes with a Caribbean beach in the background is already a dream, but saying yes in a totally exclusive moment, on a Caribbean beach and still being able to enjoy incredible days at the destination together is certainly the fulfillment of this dream!

We have a team specialized in Elopement Wedding that can assist in all steps of planning your Elopement. They will guide you through the choice of destination, hotel, decoration and all the details!


Elopement Wedding

Wedding Advisory Meeting

Time to start planning your dream! The first meeting is very important, as we will talk about all the planning steps and the first details will be chosen.

It’s at this moment that the destination is chosen! If the Destination Wedding will be in Cancun, Punta Cana or Curaçao ... We’ll be always seeking to meet the expectations of each couple.



Choice of the Hotel

After the first meeting that all the points of the planning were discussed and the destination was chosen, it’s time to choose the hotel.

When choosing the hotel, we take some points into consideration:

• The choice of the hotel must be based on the structure it offers to attend events, what are the existing locations for the ceremony and party (like gazebos, gardens) and even if the hotel has a structure for plan B;

• The hotel must meet all expectations of the bride and groom regarding the room rates and structures;

• The location of the hotel must also meet the expectations of the couple, for example, a hotel close to busy places or hotels closer to nature.



Choice of the Wedding Date

When the hotel has been defined, we need to know if the dates desired are available.

Once the dates are confirmed, we will book the chosen date with the hotel, the locations where the ceremony and dinner will take place, for example, on the beach or in the Garden, and the room that the couple will be staying.


Photo & Video

On this step, we’ll help the bride and groom to understand how the photo and video service offered by the hotel works. Also, explain the costs to hire local suppliers and the advantage of taking this service from your city!

The choice of the best professional to capture this special moment is so important!



Advance Reservations

At this moment, our team makes the reservation of hair, makeup, spa services and tours that the couple wishes to do as well. All in advance so that there are no unforeseen events on the day.




The decor is one of the most exciting parts of the whole process. With our know-how we will help you to understand where each item of decoration chosen for your wedding will be, reducing the fear that all brides have of not knowing the hotel yet.

• Gazebo

• Bride's bouquet

• Flowers for the ceremony

• Arrangements

• Flashlights


• Sousplat





Wedding Day Timeline

And at last, on this step we’ll assist on organizing the wedding day schedule:

• We advise on the choice of the ceremonialist

• We set up the complete ceremony schedule

• Organization of the bride and groom entrance

• Ceremony songs

• Ceremony time

• Post ceremony photos

• Dinner time (if it has it)



Common questions

Does Cheers also realize Elopement Weddings? Yes! We love this style of wedding. We have a professional who accompanies the whole process, from the indication of the best resorts to planning the details of the big day.

The elopements are beautiful in the early morning or late afternoon, the important thing is to always have sunlight. You have to pay attention to the season and the time of sunrise or sunset.

For this wedding style, we will do the entire planning process and designate a hotel professional to execute the tasks of the day.

Yes, it is always good to have a check list to not miss anything. Regardless of the size of the wedding, everything has to be perfect!

An Elopement can usually have 5 to 10 guests. If it has more guests, is no longer considered an Elopement Wedding.

First of all, to have a Wedding Planner that knows personally the hotels, to be able to understand exactly what you are looking for, to be able to indicate you the best resort. WE APPLY FOR IT! =)

Yes, all hotels have wedding packages for the ceremony only with the couple.



Sofia & Alessandro

I have no words to explain what our week was like. The incredible team is always willing and present at all times, we were just concerned with enjoying the party. All of our guests were delighted…


Flávio & Leandro

It was magical to feel that energy and feeling that was created in the group. We had the support of Thairine and Adriana. They were incredible. From the moment of arrival, assisting the guests, in our luau and wedding…


Marina & Lucas

...To be able to plan and organize the whole wedding, we researched and found Cheers Travel, a company that provides all the advice in Brazil and helps with the preparation of the ceremony, party and the organization of the guests’ trip…


Emili & Fabiano

Guys, we are leaving the hotel now (I mean PARADISE), it was a magical week, it exceeded all our expectations, the team that was with us is simply charismatic, helpful, and helped us a lot these days.

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