Hotel for Wedding in the Riviera Maya – Palmaïa – The House of AïA

15 OCTOBER 2020

The Hotel

PalmaïaThe House of Aïa is located in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, surrounded by tropical foliage and the wonderful turquoise Caribbean Sea. The concept of the resort is sustainable well-being, seeking to provide its guests with a self-care experience through connection with nature.

When we arrive at the hotel, the first thing we do, in addition to check-in, is to choose a thermal glass so that we can enjoy beverages and drinks, which is really cool, since the hotel is focused on sustainability and does not use plastic bottles. Another interesting fact is that the hotel uses solar energy, using 50% less energy than other resorts.

The hotel has 314 rooms boasting elegant décor and all with sea views. These can be seaside as well as swim out suites, family suites, which provide comfort for everyone, and, most interestingly, the vegan rooms, which were built without using any animal products or products that have been tested in animals. This room is totally vegan and cruelty free! And the hotel has Wi-Fi available in all areas.

In addition to a beautiful beach with the sea of various shades of blue and green, the hotel has several swimming pools, some of which are completely private. The cool thing is that as you go walking and getting to know it better, you can find a completely private swimming pool with a wonderful view to the sea!

As the hotel’s proposal is the experience of self-knowledge and connection with nature, the resort provides an atmosphere of tranquility with guided meditation classes, yoga, sound baths, energy healing rituals, spa treatments, ceremonies at Temazcal and much more to help you establish a connection between mind and body and restore your balance. It reminds us that it is always good to take care of ourselves!

For couples who have children or guests traveling with children, the hotel has a club with children’s activities geared towards Waldorf education. All professionals are qualified and a create a fun environment for children, totally aimed at encouraging contact with nature.




What draws the most attention in Palamaïa is the plant-based food! With several plant-based options in all restaurants, the hotel aims to help its guests participate in non-violence against themselves, the planet and the animal world. The resort is all inclusive, but quite different from other hotels.

Palmaïa – The House of AïA is one of the first resorts to prepare all its menus with complete plant-based ingredients. It features four à la carte restaurants, 24-hour room service and a café. It is very nice to participate in the experience of this food and discover yourself, but the hotel has options of dishes with animal protein for those who prefer so. But vegan food is so wonderful and delicious that we did not miss it!

The hotel’s restaurants are LEK, with Mexican cuisine using ingredients from the Chef’s private greenhouse; Ume, an Asian restaurant that features Thai cuisine; the Mediterranean restaurant Mar de Olivo; the food truck El Caminante, which features traditional Mexican dishes but in a vegan version; and also, the Su Casa restaurant, which is open from morning until night with a variety of delicious dishes.

During our stay we did several tastings of dishes in the hotel’s restaurants and were delighted and surprised at how incredibly delicious vegan or vegetarian food is. We want the recipe to make it at home too!



How to make your wedding at Palmaïa Hotel

For your wedding at Palmaïa, there are wonderful areas! It has some places for ceremony on the beach, with the beautiful sea in the background and, best of all, it is very exclusive and private! 

In addition to the ceremony on the beach, it also has incredible environments for the reception. One of them has a fully conceptual structure, following the style of the hotel, which is beautiful for the decoration of your dinner and party. 

The most interesting thing is that the wedding is carried out in a very personalized way. You choose the best place to perform the ceremony, dinner, decoration, whether you want a ritual or a conventional ceremony. 

The hotel does not have wedding packages, all weddings are custom-made, be it a wedding with guests or an elopement wedding.

While there, we organized an editorial to show you the backstage of a wedding and how beautiful the event is at this hotel. And the most interesting thing is that we had Leandro, from our Cheers team, on the other side of the scene, as the groom! On our Instagram, we have a little more about this very special moment! We tell this story in another post here on the blog, so make sure to see it.


Self-care Experience

We learned at the hotel that they refer to AïA as our connection with nature. Therefore, the hotel seeks to provide new experiences for guests to achieve personal growth, opening their hearts and minds to find balance.

While we were staying there, we met the hotel shaman who built a program based on a series of ancient rituals and practices, allowing us to connect to AïA through personal exploration of the physical body and the mind.

One of them, that we had the opportunity to participate in was that of Cocoa, which, according to the Mayans, is sacred and when drinking a drink made of cocoa, given during the ritual, it intensifies our circulatory system reaching our heart, the most important organ, making you relax and direct love to yourself first. In addition to experience each phase of cocoa, we had the experience of connecting with ourselves and deeply understanding the hotel’s proposal.

Staying at Palmaïa is really immersing yourself in the hotel’s concept, looking to take care of yourself, whether spiritually or physically; it makes us return home as a revitalized and happier person!




Important Information

To go the Hotel Palamaïa from Brazil and have your Wedding or Honeymoon in the Riviera Maya, it is important to know that the hotel is one hour away from Cancun airport, located in Playa del Carmen, very close to the renowned Fifth Avenue, which is as good as the structure found in Cancun: on the Fifth Avenue there is a mall, craft stores, clubs and even the famous Coco Bongo has a unit there.

Another important point is that the main tours are closer to the hotel than in Cancun, such as Xcaret, Xel-ha, Xplor parks and several other options such as cenotes and the Cozumel Island.

The daily price of the hotel varies between $ 400.00 and $ 600.00 (depending on the time of the year) for the couple per night, with an all-inclusive food system.



Palmaïa is a truly incredible resort and unlike any experience we find in other resorts in Cancun; it is worth the visit, both to enjoy the turquoise blue sea that is beautiful and the self-knowledge experiences that are provided there. 

If you want to know more about everything we experienced at the Palamaïa resort, follow us on Instagram, we always post all the news there.

And of course, if you want tips or have any questions about this resort or any other, send us a direct, let’s talk!! 

See you soon!!



 Texto written by Thairine Bernardinetti - Event Assistant

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