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19 OCTOBER 2020

The Hotel

The Hotel Xcaret is a unique experience for those who want to stay in a hotel in the Caribbean or even make their Wedding in the Riviera Maya. The hotel itself is something totally different from the other resorts due to the location where it was built and, in addition to the incredible structure of the hotel, the guest also has access to seven Xcaret Group parks and two more tours, all with transportation and, in some cases, with food included. 

Therefore, for the Hotel Xcaret the all-inclusive designation has lost its meaning a little, and they called it All Fun Inclusive, which is something exclusive to the hotel, which brings together the whole experience of an all-inclusive hotel including all parks and entertainment.

Let me explain it in another way: the Xcaret Group owns the renowned Xcaret park – which is a success in the region! Xcaret was the first park and from it came others like: Xel-ha, Xplor, Xenses, Xoxomilco, etc., each with a different theme, but all have the same quality standard. After consolidating all of this, the group invested in the construction of the Xcaret hotel, which despite being recent – around four years – is a great success. 

To understand the structure of the complex, it is something very similar to Disney: where there are parks and, as much as many people do not know, there are hotels too! And if you stay at Disney hotels, you are entitled to transportation, enter the parks first and some other advantages. In the case of Xcaret, you already have park entrances as well, flexible schedules, transfers from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. 

Now let’s talk about the hotel: as I mentioned, the hotel’s location is the main attraction! In addition to a beautiful and very well preserved beach (turquoise sea), the hotel is in the middle of the caletas and, as it is much better and easier to show than trying to explain what they are, take a look at the photos below:



These caletas form mini beaches throughout the structure of the hotel and it is possible to dive, relax, kayak, stand-up paddle and enjoy an amazing view. 

Other than that, the hotel has all the swimming pool structure, the main one being beautiful, with an infinite border, others that are close to the apartments and, also, a kids’ area that besides the swimming pool has a restaurant for the little ones. 

Both on the beaches, caletas and swimming pools you have access to the services offered by the hotel, such as nearby restaurants and snacks and bar service. You can either go to the bar, which is always close by, as there are fifteen bars in total at the hotel, or you can count on the waiter service that can serve you in your beach chair. Is there anything better than this?!



Bars e Restaurants

And speaking of restaurant and bar services, it is worth mentioning the quality and variety that you will find at the Xcaret hotel. The bars have a huge variety of drinks to choose from; all the cocktails we already know in the Caribbean and a variety of beers and spirits. Jut to give you an idea we are talking about vodka options like Cîroc, Gray Goose, Belvedere, Absolut, and all included in the value of your stay, without having to pay anything more. 

There are nine restaurants in total, the El Mercado restaurant serving as a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and eight more à la carte restaurants of different varieties. One of the highlights is the restaurant La Cueva, whose specialty is meat cuts and it is inside a cave – a unique experience! Reservations are required for this restaurant, but it is very worthwhile.



About the rooms 

Of course, I should mention the accommodations! The hotel is divided into three areas and it is in the “Air” area where most of the apartments are located. The resort has a feature that most rooms are the same, what changes is the view, and all are very well decorated! 

It is also important to note that the hotel supports local communities and many of the items they have in their rooms are purchased from these most vulnerable communities in Mexico.

Another point of sustainability worth of attention is that the hotel does not have plastic water bottles, every day the rooms are filled with glass bottles that are reused. In addition, the rooms have all the comforts, TV, air conditioning, hairdryer, iron, minibar that besides water has alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and also has room service, where you can order and have your meal in your room 24 hours a day.



The Wedding

Now let’s talk about what we do best: is Xcaret an option for those who want to have a wedding in Cancun??

Of course, yes! It is a great option and the hotel has a FANTASTIC wedding structure, in addition to one area more beautiful than the other. Both for your wedding with guests and for your Elopement Wedding in the Caribbean.


Let’s start with the ceremony! To make your wedding at the Xcaret hotel you can choose between getting married on the beach, in one of the caletas (which is very similar to a beach and is very private) and, also, you can have your Catholic wedding in the Caribbean! The Xcaret hotel has a beautiful chapel with a 360-degree view of the sea. And this chapel is authorized to hold the wedding, it would be an official Catholic wedding.




The dream of getting married in the Caribbean often relies on the bride’s and groom’s desire to have an outdoor party, and this option is also available in Xcaret. One of our suggestions is to have a reception in the caletas area, which has a unique atmosphere and your guests will love it! But for those who prefer a closed and air-conditioned area, the hotel has convention rooms that can be adapted for your party or the Xpiral restaurant, which is in the same building as the chapel and overlooks the sea. 

Xcaret México’s wedding packages range from $ 3,000 to $ 8,000 for weddings with guests.

For Elopement Weddings the packages range from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

Important Information

The hotel is one hour from Cancun airport and transportation is included in the hotel rate. 

The daily rate includes all the services we mentioned and is between $ 450.00 and $ 700.00 per night for the couple, depending on the chosen period and availability.

The price is indeed a little higher than other hotels in the region, but it is worth doing the calculation: if you are interested in enjoying the attractions of Cancun, especially the parks, it can be very worthwhile to stay at Hotel Xcaret. 

In addition to the wedding, the hotel is also a great choice for your honeymoon in the Caribbean.

In addition to the wedding, the hotel is also a great choice for your honeymoon in the Caribbean.



We stayed at the Xcaret hotel in the month of October and took a big team from the wedding market to get to know this resort that we particularly found incredible!!

On this visit to the Xcaret hotel we filmed our experience there and we would like to share it with you, so if you want to know more about the hotel and the parks of the Xcaret chain, watch the videos and fall in love with the hotel like we have!!


I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about the Xcaret México hotel and if you want to ask any questions or talk more about my experience at this hotel, send me a message, it will be a pleasure to chat with you!

Contact email: or send us a direct on Instagram. Let’s talk!! 

See you soon!!



Photos: Landerson Viana e Hotel Xcaret Collection

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