Wedding in the Riviera Maya – Hotel Palmaïa The House of Aïa {Cheers Travel Editorial}


The idea of the Editorial

The idea of making an editorial at the moment we are living in was to inspire couples who had their weddings postponed. Passing the message that soon everything will come back and how cool it is to have a Destination Wedding. As we at cheers already had a FamTour (trip to show destinations and/or hotels) scheduled for the Riviera Maya – Cancun, we included this special editorial in the schedule. So the first mission was to decide who the bride and groom would be:

Leandro from Cheers Travel – A face well known in the stories of Cheers’ Instagram and also the writer who is writing this text for you. 

Ana Thereza from Lápis de Noiva – She is the Public Relations of the blog and has been present on several trips with Cheers to show hotels and wedding possibilities.


Stationery & Visual Identity

With the couple firmly committed to participate in this editorial, we invited some partners so that everything would be perfect on the “wedding day”.

Let’s start by talking about stationery and visual identity, which was handled by PamDi Wedding Design. What an impeccable work, indeed. Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING had to do with the wedding proposal and the hotel too. They used organic papers (seed paper and cotton paper). 

  • Save The Date
  • Invitation
  • Little book of vows
  • Envelope
  • Dinner Menu (QR CODE) in seed paper

 Check out the photos of how everything was:


The wedding Website

We took this editorial so seriously that we also had a wedding website, and of course it could not fail to be the best wedding website platform available on the market: Casar.Com

For those who are Cheers Travel customers, they have the right to have their own domain at no cost, which means being able to choose their website URL.  For example, 

Many couples who are going to a Destination Wedding think they do not need to have a website or gift list. WRONG! Do you want to reasons to make your WEBSITE?



You share all the information about the destination, hotel, schedule, day by day, dress code and the like. Guests can access this at any time and, of course, it helps a lot in organizing the trip and gives the couple a break from having to answer the same questions several times, lol! 


Yes, the guests even going to a Destination want to give gifts to the bride and groom. Be sure to make your list, so you convert it into cash and at Casar.Com, you have the lowest rate on the market. (GOLDEN TIP)

Here is my website and Ana’s (from our editorial, lol) for you to take a look 






Wedding Rings

Still following the line of a Complete Wedding Editorial, wedding rings could not be missing. Brazil & Murgel has several lines of personalized and meaningful wedding rings that can have a lot to do with the wedding style you are thinking of making. The ones we use were inspired by the sand on the beach and with a sinuosity that resembles the movement of the water.



About the "Big Day"

Ana’s “godmothers” were the guests themselves who were participating in the trip, as well as Leandro’s godfathers (me, lol). 

There was a Making Of of the girls with the hobbies of the Uindi Store and Landerson Viana, who took great pictures, made all the clicks. 

I wore a green and VERY SENSATIONAL suit by For Jack and Ana a dress also in a Boho Chic proposal by Lacevité, signed by Camila Machado. 

And to orchestrate all this, Jamila de Jah! Eventos and dear Vanessa and Lidiane from Mazzi Assessoria, joined forces and stayed ahead to organize all the details.





Full Video

It was an incredible experience; I will leave the full video of the editorial and the hotel for you to take a look at how it is surreal to experience a Destination Wedding. The person responsible for capturing all this emotion and transforming this incredible film was Paulo Henrique, the renowned PH (videomaker) who is always with us on the trips and was the producer of our Behind the Scenes WebSeries (WebSérie Bastidores), which was a success and is available in our YouTube Channel

I hope you enjoyed it, and keep following us because there is always news there!



Post made by Leandro Sant’Ana – if you want to ask questions or know more you can contact me via email:

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